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About us

DeepSine are a team of talented professionals with over 13 years of experience across mobile application development (Apple iPhone and iPad, Android and Windows Mobile), server-side software development, Internet/intranet solutions and cloud-based systems. Whether it is developing a single mobile application or a bespoke and fully integrated solution, we love making your ideas into a reality!

Creative thinking

First impressions count. 61% of mobile apps available are zombie apps – that is, they have never been downloaded at all. Whether you own a traditional business or offer a hip new service, you need to stand out without sacrificing on functionality.

With your ideas and our creative lead, we develop apps that get talked about. Our popular Interviews app has been featured in The Daily Telegraph, and our comic book marketing campaign had a starring role in The Guardian's Marketing and PR Excellence.

Innovative technology

Creativity is thinking up new things; innovation is doing new things.

Compared to other creative agencies, our deep experience across various technologies allows us to develop back-end and content management systems that seamlessly integrate within your existing infrastructure, making your systems more efficient and smashing through their limitations.

Technology is here to work for you and not the other way around.

Human Experience

Contrary to popular belief, your users do not make decisions rationally; they are human beings and navigate using emotions and biases.

In all of our mobile applications we apply this principle to combine appealing design with easy-to-use functionality, keeping the complexity under the hood. This gives a smooth, natural human (user) experience that not only increases user retention but makes the difference between your app collecting dust on the virtual shelf or storming the top charts.

Life Time Support

Developing a great product is just the first step. The moment you release your application to the world is when your venture really starts. You're not alone – we are there to support you on this journey as your business grows.

Through our consultancy services, we help you to refine your long term strategy. All of our apps include extensive analytics, so you can tangibly measure the reach of your product and its engagement. After all, your success is our success.

What our clients say


Ibidex Games

It's always your turn!

Ibidex is an innovative mass-multiplayer platform. Whether you have a small family or are planning the next Project X party, Ibidex Games entertains your guests on a big scale. Turn your computer into a console and let your guests join the fun with their smartphones. Control your unique microbe in Petri, a pioneering mass-multiplayer arcade game of survival.
Why wait for your turn to play?
Get your controller for free on iPhone and Android.
Find out more at www.ibidex.com



Bang to the beat of the drum!

This is a puzzle game with a funky twist. Play to get the highest score and put your music knowledge to the test, for the chance to win gig and festival tickets! Each ticket has its own leaderboard so you only compete with fans of the particular artists to win those tickets! The project features a CMS with scheduling and notification capabilities to fully control all the content displayed within the app.
Available for free on iPhone in the UK.

Salary Checker

How much is your job worth?

The Salary Checker app is the most comprehensive annual review of global recruitment trends and salary levels for a decade. We jumped at the challenge to completely revamp the Salary Checker for iOS and also develop an Android version. Check your market rate and see the trends in over 20 countries across a range of professions.
Available for free on iPhone, iPad and Android.

Featured in:
★ Top 5 Apps (UK, AUS, NZ, HK & SG)



Challenge yourself. Challenge everything.

Join thousands of daredevils on Betify social network to create challenges on anything, place a wager on it and show the world who’s the boss! Think you can tackle Mount Kilimanjaro? Or even down that pint in 5 seconds? We are developing a new version of Betify for iPhone and Android with a unique design, streamline back-end and brand new user experience.

Rogue Trader

Get rich or die playin'!

Enter the fast-paced world of stock trading with our first arcade game for iPhone, Rogue Trader. Its recent development update contains power-ups to enhance game experience and Kiip rewards from trusted brands for user retention. Are you savvy enough to stay one step ahead of the market?

Featured in:
★ Top 100 Finance Apps (United Kingdom, United States)


A manga style interview guide.

Looking for a job? Be prepared with an interactive interview guide... in Manga style! For the leading recruitment firm, Robert Walters, we developed a bespoke comic book reading engine that injects life to a story. This creative mobile app lets the story unfold in a unique frame-by-frame mode, creating a dynamic experience for the user. Available for free on iPhone and iPad.

Featured in:
★ Top 100 Apps in 14 countries
★ Daily Telegraph's 500 Best Apps

Visual Quotes

Get inspired. Get moved.

How do you pick yourself up when you're feeling blue? With the Visual Quotes application for iPhone, you receive a motivational or inspirational quote on a daily basis. Cherry pick your own quotes from categories including Love, Art and Happiness. Our quotes are food for thought as well as a bit of eye candy.

Featured in:
★ #1 New App in Reference (UK, Norway, Slovakia)

DeepSine: Project Manga

The story behind the Interviews project.

At DeepSine, we love to play. Still buzzing with excitement following successful completion of the Interviews project, we extended our own comic book reading technology a little more to tell the world the (almost) true story behind the Interviews project. It's available in English, Japanese and Chinese. (Did we say we love to play?)
Available for free on iPhone and iPad.


A Magneto eCommerce extension

Hmm.. Where did that big pack of yellow post-it notes disappear to? It's OK, we'll just order another set on with our Shopwindow iPhone app.. With mobile internet soon taking over desktop internet usage, a recent study found that 4 in every 5 smartphone users accessed retail content on their device (Source: comScore, 2012). Can your customers easily shop on the go? Get ahead of the game with us and let your clients shop on their iPhones, iPads and Androids!

DRF Digital Brochure

252 iPads under your command!

This digital brochure for The Duchenne Research Fund is no ordinary iPad application. It was specially developed for The DRF's second fundraising dinner to accommodate 138 different sources of content, including video messages and other interactive displays. Our built-in quiz game certainly proved to be popular. To ensure a superior event experience, we built a bespoke back-end server and a control panel that allowed the presenter to control a sea of over 252 iPads, responding instantly to a mere click.


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