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We are an award winning team and we believe that even complex software systems can provide a great user experience. Whether you are developing a prototype mobile application or a fully integrated, turn key software solution, we love turning your ideas into a reality!

Software Consultancy

Your project starts long before the first line of code is written. We are here to support you as your business grows.


Innovative Technology

Creativity is thinking up new things; innovation is doing new things. Technology is here to work for you and not the other way around.


Human Experience

Your users do not make decisions rationally; they are human beings and navigate using emotions and biases.


Creative Approach

No project is alike. No customer is alike. We know that you do business differently and that is what your customers appreciate.


What Our Clients Say

Our business grows almost exclusively through referrals. We build long lasting relationships. We go the extra mile. But don't take our word for it. This is what our clients have to say:

Our Work

We are proud of every project done. Browse some of our accomplishments below.


One-Stop Shop. Literally.

Event organisers invest a lot into an event that peaks over a few days. Once the event is over, exposure to the brand diminishes until the next year.

We created a marketplace platform that brings together event brands, exhibitors and consumers into one seamless shopping experience, maximising the brand’s return on investment. Event brands get a year-long exposure when consumers engage with the exhibitors who get access to another sales channel with a simple management. The system automates everything from customer support inquiries to commission payments between the event brand and the exhibitors.



A better way to survey

It was a challenge for our client to submit field reports in a timely, consistent structure. It took them up to 2 months for data to be collated from notepads and compiled into meaningful reports, creating severe delays in strategic decisions from the CEO and C-level executives.

By creating a tool that could be used on any mobile or desktop device, our client’s in-field workforces are able to easily collect relevant information during discussions with customers, and generate real-time interactive data reports. Not only does this reduce the workload of staff - it allows higher management to make decisions in days, not months.



From Spreadsheet to Database, From Analog to VoIP

The efficiency of a business process is directly correlated to your staff’s willingness to follow instructions. This is especially challenging when the information consists of hundreds of properties, dispersed across various repositories, spreadsheets or notebooks. Working with such large data sets requires super-human focus and patience, and prone to mistakes.

To solve this, we created an intranet tool that provides a guided wizard-like navigation and interaction, offering complete input validation at the front-end and logic validation at the back-end. Human errors and potential service disruption to live networks are eliminated. Happy staff, happy customers!



How much is your job worth?

Robert Walters’ signature Salary Survey book is an annual review of global recruitment trends and salary levels. Collating a large amount of data with no input validation from different offices, resulted in duplicate entries, inconsistencies and errors.

By devising a structured, systematic approach to data management, salary trends for individual job roles can be directly compared across different cities over the last years. We further packaged this into the bespoke Salary Checker app that presents the data in an appealing dashboard packed with features like real-time currency conversions and favourites. The app also contains internal analytics, allowing Robert Walters to better target their marketing.

Salary Checker


252 iPads under your command

The Duchenne Research Fund hosted a large fundraising dinner and needed a way to digitally engage with their guests throughout the event. We created a digital experience that complemented their evening, containing 150 different sources of content such as video messages and other interactive displays.

To ensure an advanced event experience, we built a bespoke client-server protocol and a control panel that allowed the presenter to control a sea of over 252 iPads, responding instantly to a mere click.

DRF Digital Experience


It's always your turn

How do you get large groups of people in a hyper local space such as cinemas and conventions, to engage with each other?

Using our award-winning technology, brands can create a mass scale interactive campaign that connects a large gathering of people in one space using their smartphone. That's one way to certainly attract attention! The user simply uses their mobile as a controller to engage with brands and other users to participate in competitions and other social features.

Ibidex Games

Our Team

DeepSine is a team of brilliant professionals with over 19 years of experience across systems architecture, mobile, server-side software development (Internet/intranet) and cloud-based systems (SaaS, PaaS).

Juraj Hotovy

Service Delivery, Projects and Processes

Steve Olesansky

Founder and CEO

Wendy Wan

Finance, Governance and Compliance

Max Khon

Ifrastructure, Sys Ops

Alex Gaevsky

Back-end Development

Andrei Hrabouski

Front-end Development

Horea Raducanu

Graphic Design, UI/UX

Vladimir Dmitrovic

e-Commerce Specialist

Eugene Galenko

Back-end Development

Denis Samokhin

iOS Development

Vasily Kabunov

Android Development

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